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3 Places to get Third Wave Coffee

A new concept of coffee has taken over India, but most of us are still wondering what does these words even mean. Back in the 1960s, when coffee became widely accessible to the crowd, was the beginning of the 'first wave' and the 'second wave' kicked in when numerous variations in quality were available for the consumers to try. Many companies, like Starbucks, came into being during the second wave.


An appreciation for quality is what defines a Third Wave Coffee. A method through which from the produce of the coffee beans to the way it's been roasted, is all being shared with the consumer. It's appreciating the true quality of the coffee, through an experience! There are a few places which we have short-listed for you to have this experience: 


1. Blue Tokai,  New Delhi


Translated from the ancient Malabari word, Tokai (a tail of a peacock) was inspired from the unique Monsooned Malabar Coffee that is produced in the region. With a unique concept of roasting coffee twice a week, grab a cup of this specialty coffee.


2. The Third Wave Coffee Roasters, Bengaluru


With 4 ways and varieties of coffee beans, The Third Wave Coffee Roasters, have taken the fresh coffee to another level. Try one of there coffee blends in their aroma-filled ambience or pick it up while you're on the go!


3. The Pantry, Mumbai


Serving the Italian press medium roast coffee from Chikmagalur. The Pantry has a selection of cold brews that you must pair with their double chocolate waffles. It's a feel of heaven!


Try these places out for a freshly brewed cup of coffee, that tells you a story and make it an experience!


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