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4 Experiences to Bond Over With Your Sibling

Thrill-seeking, Learning based, Volunteering effort, Exploring the city

One of the oldest festivals in our country, Rakshabandhan and Bhai Dooj have been celebrating the bond of love between siblings. We look forward to these days to indulge in fun, food, laughter and celebrating with our families. But as we grow older, and more nuclear, the opportunities to meet our siblings during these festivals, keeps reducing.


4 Experiences to Bond Over With Your Sibling


So for those lucky ones, who do make it across a city, state, country or continent, we've compiled a few activities, that you can consider to bond over with your siblings:



If you are one of the energetic and spirited duo, you can try some thrill seeking activities like paragliding, ziplining, water sports (if you’re near a waterbody) or going on a trek, to acquire some experiences together that you’ll remember in your life.


Learning based

Learning a new skill or knowledge will never be futile. So try your hand in some cooking workshops or a pottery, dancing, painting classes, or even wine tasting, whichever appeals to you more. Or toss a coin, to choose!


Volunteering effort

There’s always a requirement for volunteers in our country for various reasons like teaching, in an animal shelter or even handling a particular event. Spread some happiness with your combined efforts to make it a better place for fellow humans/animals and be a part of creating a hope in their lives and contentment in your own.


Exploring the city

There are always options available in a city to explore the old architecture of the times gone by. Take a heritage walk in the city you are in or if you are more of a food lover, take a food walk that are organised in your city to the oldest sectors and authentic cuisines.


These are a few recommendations that you and your siblings can indulge in, if not, there is always the option of taking a holiday for a fun-packed weekend or a quiet lunch at your favourite place, though we do suggest to try a new cuisine!


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