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Do you feel like an imposter? 3 ways to Negate Self-Doubt

Do you feel like despite everything you’ve achieved so far, it’s all been a fluke? A stroke of luck that led you to that position and you’ll be exposed as a ‘fraud’ any time? It’s not just a fear of doubt, but also known as Imposter syndrome or an imposter experience.

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According to researchers, there’s a higher number of women, who feel this pressure and instead on internalizing their achievements, stamp them as luck, timing or anything out of their control. But the good part is, that you can combat it! Here are a few simple ways you can work on to get rid of this experience:


1. Let go of the idea of perfection:

Most of us, at some point have an unnatural expectation of not failing, or of being absolutely perfect, down to every detail. This leads to anxiety and stress because you’d rather control everything than delegate your responsibilities or let the small things go. Letting go of the tiny details, will reduce your levels of stress and you’ll be able to work in a better way.


2. List down your achievements

Even if you think, your accomplishments have been a stroke of luck, list them down. It’ll help in realizing the fact that not everything is possibly luck but achievements that you have worked hard for. Every triumph has been a result of countless hours of hard work, research and ideas that you’ve put in. You should always remind yourself of that.


3. Be a Mentor and a Mentee

Once you realise the reasons for this imposter experience, talk to other women who have gone through the same situation who can remind you of your strengths. You can also mentor somebody else who is going through the same. It helps in knowing that you’re not the only one, and sharing your experience, reveals your skills that you’ve taken for granted.


With the increasing number of responsibilities, keeping a persistent fear only harms your own well-being without any progress. Write down you accomplishments and even your fears, that would help in externalizing your anxiety while believing in your efforts more than sheer luck!


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