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5 Essentials for Business Owners/Start-up Founders

If you’re a business owner or a start-up founder, there is hardly any other thought that enters your mind besides the work you’re involved in. There is always more things to do, research to be done and people to meet. It’s a business-business world, that makes you forget the other important aspects that you need to take care of.

Creating a list of 5 essential things, these points should also be in your priority list to keep your stress low and have a healthy lifestyle:



In the time of stress or long working hours, health is the first thing that deteriorates. Besides having a healthy diet, it is important to maintain an exercising schedule that would enable you to stay fresh and active through the day. So find some time in your day and create a workout plan, whether it’s for a gym, a yoga or a zumba class.


Work/Life Balance:

With the numerous responsibilities that needs to be taken care of, we often forget to take a break and relax. During the week, there’s hardly any time for you to stop thinking about work. Plan one day over the weekend, which shall prove to be beneficial as you indulge into your hobbies, whether it is binge watching movies or catching up with friends.



Along with the skyrocketing investment into the core of your business, there are other requirements like an office space, a team to work with etc. that can slowly incur pressure on you. Make use of interning/freelancing sites like Internshala and Fiverr, where you can create a freelancer team at the beginning of your business. Instead of renting an office space, which comes with hefty fixed costs, you can choose to work in a co-working space which offers you a flexible space with the benefit of scaling up and down per your requirements.



It can be easy to lose track of a few points when there is a hectic week in progress. In this digitally progressing world, make use of the various apps available for your phone or for your computer. Create to-do lists through sticky notes or apps like EverNote which also helps you to add reminders for tasks in hand. You can also add on Boomerang or MailTrack that can help you track your emails, and schedule them. Another app that’ll help is Pocket which stores your various links that you’d like to read again or come back to in your own time.



As the business grows, it presents the opportunity to hire people and delegate work. However, it’s important to keep in mind the hierarchy you’d like to follow in the organisation. Haphazard additions shall lead to confusion in whom to update or go to for questions. It is also important to maintain knowledge regarding the work being done in the company by the various team members so as to know what is happening in the different sectors. It’s not only about adding capital to the business, it’s important to keep track and maintain a culture in your growing business.  

Being a business owner or a start-up founder is a high pressure position that takes over every aspect of your life. To maintain a balance between your health, your work and your other interests, it’s important to keep these factors in mind and make use of the technology available today, in the best manner possible.


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