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4 TV Shows Mastering the Power Dress Code

In today’s world of first impressions and appearances, it’s not only about nailing the character portrayal, but it’s also about getting their accoutre right. Playing an important part in the visual era, is the depiction through costumes. The emotional and intellectual range of a character is perceived by the viewer, beginning from the way they dress, all the way to their dialogues.

After Gossip Girl and Sex and the City series giving us Fashion personas, there’s a new wave of powerful women who are now depicting the power dressing fashion in a chic manner. Here are some memorable personalities and their formal dressing styles:


House of Cards – Claire Underwood


A lady with a political agenda, a pixie cut, power shoulders and mid-sleeves is how she has become one of the inspirational boss ladies. Her selection of attires for every situation aptly describes whether she is there for business or pleasure. Flaunting her style with neutrals and darker colours, it’s all about mind games.


Scandal – Olivia Pope

Working for the President, Olivia Pope has a reputation to maintain with the White House and is known for her impeccable formal dressing that ranges from simple solids to printed halters that provide an elegant and polished look. A fan of monochrome ensembles, Olivia Pope resembles a subtle femininity. A perception that goes out the window, once she outwits you.


The Good Wife – Alicia Florrick, Diane Lockhart

Creating their own versions of success, these two characters on the show are different yet similar in the same breath. Alicia, on one hand, prefers stripes and deep colour tones in her formal wear to not seek attention but destroying you, if given. While on the other hand, Diane showcases textured fabrics and uncommon prints for her formals, which makes her stand out of the crowd, showcasing her composed and driven career mind.


Suits – Jessica Pearson, Rachel Zane, Donna Paulsen

There are not just one, but three leading ladies in this series with a flair for silhouettes that would make any formal wear seem like casuals. Ranging from pant suits to open collar shirts with pencil skirts, Jessica plays with different necklines that display her femininity, but let’s everyone know who’s the boss. While Rachel can be seen in varying neutral to pastel skirt suits, Donna is all about the colour and experimenting with the latest fashion trends.


The attires of these personalities not only depict their well-coordinated choices, but gives us an insight of what the character is all about. Whether being a Carrie Underwood who’s intelligent but ruthless or a Donna who’s observant but brutally honest, these characters wouldn’t just give you a styling tip, but also give you retorting advice.


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