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How do we eliminate the nasty bust gap in women’s shirts?

 Haven’t we all gone through countless hours (and multiple pin pricks) when trying to limit the bust gape in our button-down shirts? Safety pins though handy, end up making us more cautious and less confident about that presentation that we were making. Glancing to check every now and again is not the reason you picked the button-down shirt in the first place.

A piece of clothing that adds more hassle in life is not exactly ideal but with no other choice available, it’s all we have to turn to. With practical features missing from these pieces, a basic formal shirt ends up holding us back and making us cautious at every step. Yet we persist, with both safety pins and pin pricks.


So why are we women still struggling with this issue?

The classic button-down was essentially a men’s clothing option and was created in a boxy pattern fulfilling its purpose. However, even in today’s decade, these shirts are being created in the same pattern, even though it’s for a different gender! Every women’s shirt label claims to have been made for you, however, we all end up looking for the same safety pins and DIY hacks on Youtube like before.


So how do we solve it? Or more appropriately, is there a solution?

Of course there is! It’s time you let go of the so-called women’s shirt and pick up the one that is Really Made for you. After wandering through the maze of the basic men’s shirt (let’s call it what it is) and feeling the struggle we have to make, we decided to create a clothing that is apt for Women. Button-down shirts without a bust gape are no longer a myth and here’s how we’ve solved the issue:  

                 1. No gape buttons

    The reverse no-peek button to avoid gaping

    If there is a gape, there should be something to fix it! Adding a no gape button to our button downs, we make sure that the safety pin struggle is no longer real. Introducing a simple yet chic (and hidden) reverse button, we make sure that your confidence and concentration stays intact. When you pick up the perfect size you no longer need to worry about the bust stretch, as our premium fabric selection in combination with this functional feature accounts for it.

     2. Reduced button spacing

    Black Cotton Shirt with Pleated Cuffs


                 Black Georgette Shirt with Piping

     Reduced button spacing from 3 inches to 2 inches or less for a better fit

    When we worked on how to solve this issue, we realized that a typical men's formal shirt has a button spacing of 3 inches. By experimenting with the button spacing, we found out that a reduced distance doesn't leave space for a bust gape! After considering the Indian body shapes, we reduced the button spacing and added two extra buttons to the shirts - introducing this feature to all our relaxed fit shirts, tops and dresses, so that every piece of clothing complements your confidence. 

    Basically we add more buttons to your shirt  - that too shell buttons created from real sea shells!


    When we are comfortable in our clothing, we are more confident of ourselves - with this motto, our designers created women's shirts that make us stand out, confident of ourselves and ready to break glass ceilings everywhere. It's time to lose your safety pins and be hassle-free because there's a new formal shirt in town!


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