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4 Impactful Styles of Dressing For a Conference

It is natural to get flustered while putting together a sophisticated look for an important event like a conference, interview or boardroom meeting. So here are some cues and ideas for you to put together some top-notch outfits for your next big event.

1. What you need to know about statement pieces:

While looking for a boardroom/ conference outfit, chances are that you are looking for a piece that can make a bold statement. The thing about these pieces is that they are catchy and cannot be forgotten easily, so you might not be able to wear them as often without feeling like everybody has already seen it multiple times before.

The solution to this problem is quite simple. Despite popular belief, neutral pieces can make a bold statement too. It is in fact, all in the small details and how you wear the look. Neutral pieces are so versatile and you can mix and match them in numerous different ways to make each ensemble look like a whole new one.


2. Classic vs Trendy:

Here’s the thing about trending pieces. They usually have a short life cycle and you never know if and when they’ll come back around. Take for example, the bicycle shorts with an oversized blazer. This trend is almost on its way out and it is a hard trend to incorporate into a regular office environment.

Classics on the other hand are extremely versatile and can be tweaked to suit any occasion. Checks and stripes are an excellent choice to make a striking impression. They are classy and they never go out of fashion, making it a worthwhile investment that will definitely serve you for a long time. 

Consider investing in a pair of co-ords in a colour that goes with a lot of your existing pieces. You can wear the co-ords together, use them to create a monochrome outfit with an edge and even pair them individually with your other complementing pieces. Come to think of it, one co-ord can add myriads of outfits to your wardrobe.


3. Subtle details- What to look for:

Good things come in small packages! Look for small details like elegant pin tucks, delicate ruffles or polished pleats. They will elevate your otherwise plain look by a great deal. Having subtle details like these also makes a bland shirt or dress interesting and edgy.

Another useful tip is to make sure the details are made with the same fabric as the base. Contrast details can look good at times, but when you are going for a more formal, put-together look, a monochrome piece can do wonders.


4. Pull off the monochrome look:

Going monochrome is the most chic way of looking sophisticated. You can build a monochrome look with the pieces in your wardrobe by following these simple steps- Pick a base colour which will act as a foundation and build your pieces around this palette. You can use tints and tones (lighter and darker shades) or colours from the same family to create a polished outfit. Buying monochrome pieces will give you the same benefits as buying co-ords. You can style them with a lot of other pieces in your wardrobe if you make sure the colours complement each other. 

Try playing around with the accessories by adding a slightly different, preferably neutral colour like brown for your shoes to make the outfit pop. Add minimal accessories wherever needed to add that extra oomph to your outfit. You can find more tips on accessorising in our blog called “The art of accessorising- Broken down”.


Stay tuned for tips to get you through the week in a breeze!

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