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How to Make Work From Home Productive?

With the ever-increasing traffic on the metro roads and the horrendous state of smog and dust, working from home has become an alternative to save time, energy and patience for the corporate employees. However, though there are perks to that option, most of us struggle to be productive in the comfort of our homes.

Here are a few tips that you should base your work from home hours and make them as effective as they would have been in your office:


Check in and updates with team

Create a time to check in at the beginning of your day that shall help in creating a set schedule of when your work needs to begin. Maintaining a constant communication between your senior and co-workers will keep you updated on what tasks are being accomplished or needs work and keeps everyone on the same page.


Freshen up

Instead of trying to wake up and get down to work, choose to freshen up as if you’re going to work. This would not only make you active but also take you out of your morning mood. A freshened up mind shall prove to be far more effective than a half-asleep one.


Create a plan for the day

  • Type out a list of things you need to finish up before the end of the day and stick to it. Without a plan, your mind tends to sidetrack from the task and with the comfort of your home, there are always things you shall find more interesting. So, pick up a pen and paper or add a sticky note on your desktop, and create your Things To Do.


    Choose a dedicated work space

    Choose a dedicated work space in your home where you can combine the comfort of working at home and yet, not getting “too comfortable”. Developing a sense of consistency would keep you focused on the work without adding on the distraction of moving every time.


    Take defined breaks to refresh

    Since there is no way to monitor how and when you are allowed to take breaks, we tend to pass time by moving around and being involved in all things homely. Instead of developing a habit of snacking throughout your work hours or sitting down for the entirety of it, create defined breaks for yourself. If you forget to look at the clock, set alarms for yourself!

    There are several methods to keep your productivity up while working from home, however, the most important way is to be determined about working and not slacking off during those hours. Take defined breaks, check off finished tasks and be in touch with your team and you shall be able to accomplish the best out of your work from home day!

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