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How to Make Yourself Heard in a Meeting

Be prepared, Interrupt, Be concise, Display confident body language

Even though it’s 2017, we still have the question of how to make ourselves heard in a male dominating environment, the office meetings. A woman in every industry, has to evolve into a nature where she is well-respected and most importantly, her opinions are being heard.


How to Make Yourself Heard in a Meeting


We have created a few points which, with a little practise, will help our gender to stand up for what we believe in:

Be prepared

The key to many aspects of life is to be prepared first hand with the topic under discussion. A lot of mistakes take place when the speaker is not aware of the facts, which in turn, also affects your confidence. The right method would be to read up on the agenda, documents and potential questions to be discussed in advance for a more confident you.



Though it is not necessary to pound the table, there could be certain moments when you feel like you should. Overstepping that negativity, insist on being heard by interjecting with other’s opinions and molding it to present your own. A good combination of interruption and conviction will help you get your point across.


Be concise

When a lot of opinions are being asserted, the topic in hand gets lost. To keep the focus of your peers on the purpose in hand, it is essential that you put forward your opinions in a brief, but clear and pointed manner.


Display confident body language

Assertiveness and confidence is not only measured by the way you speak, but also with your body language. While making an important point in a meeting, make eye contact with other participants and also combine it with a few hand gestures. This would show that you’re open to improvement or suggestion regarding your opinion.

There are a number of ways to healthily put across your point to your colleagues, while being assertive and not being disrespectful. Though we, as women, have to pave our way through a patriarchal society, we shall always move forward with grace and self-reliance.


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