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How to Upscale Your Learning at Work

We all, at one time or another, think that learning goes only as far as studying through a curriculum. Once into a work space, it’ll be utilizing what you’ve learnt so far. However, holding a position teaches us about a new segment and there are certain learnings we all take away with us. But as the work becomes a routine, the satisfaction of learning new things become lesser.

Following the learning curve in our lives, there are always different stances which can be tried out. Adding on to your learnings while you work, here are a few tricks that you can try:


1. Subscribe to Relevant Content

With the immense amount of knowledge being added to the internet every day, choose the topics of your choice and subscribe to their newsletter or follow their page. Utilizing the existing content will help you in being updated with the latest information and the progress/issues in the current industry. You could also find an original idea!


2. Take Online Courses

If you’re willing to experiment with an angle you’ve always wanted to try, you could take up online courses available. This would not only expand your area of expertise but also help in adding content onto your resume. Whether it is about business, history or travel, you could easily learn the skills for a new field.


3. Switching Teams

Utilizing the opportunities in your organization, switch teams in your department to handle different projects, or even under a different segment that you’d like to learn about. Providing you with an overall knowledge of a branch, you can also learn about the workings of another domain.


4. Volunteer to Help for Different Projects

There are numerous projects which are handled simultaneously in a corporate. Volunteer on the side to help out with different projects which would lead to an overall gain about the client, an experience in the project and networking with a diverse group of people. Increasing your threshold of juggling multiple projects, this would also help you in advancing your organizing skills.


5. Join Meet Ups

Setting up a group discussion or with a panel of speakers, a meet up group is a remarkable way to learn more about the upcoming technologies, industrial growth or upgrades in the sector. This method can be useful for networking and getting a better understanding in different divisions. You can join meet- up groups through online sites or even start one yourself in your office or through social media.


With the limited amount of time present between your work and personal life, it’s difficult to maintain a steady stream of learning on a lot of days. Creating a schedule for once a week or taking out 10 minutes every day can help you in building a plan and increasing your time accordingly. With the vast online world available to us at all points, might as well utilize it for learning too, right?


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