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How we at Ombré Lane Created the Best Work Trousers for you?

Being a woman is essentially a difficult task in itself. Even though 21st century is a revolution in itself, with women matching men beat by beat at workplaces, education, and other fields, one can’t help but notice that there is a considerable difficulty with which women trace their steps towards success. Every step of theirs is scrutinized and questioned, their choices often trampled upon. The equality which we see on the surface is just the tip of the iceberg, there is still a long way to go till we achieve an absolute equilibrium amongst genders.

Forget the issues on a larger scale, women are still striving to get a basic pair of pants right. And the main cause for the same are the traditional values which held them back for the men were the breadwinners. As a result, when women entered the workforce, the outfits were all customized for men. From then till now, not much has changed as most women workwear is a mutant form of men’s outfits. Considering the same, pantsuits were introduced to suit the contours of a woman better. However, even that could never match up in terms of comfort and utility.

If fit is ok, functionality such as utility pockets are missing or the comfort goes for a toss. All in all, finding that one perfect pair of pants becomes a task when you can’t find that fabric which will snug all three parts of your bottom anatomy. Where is that fit that flatters your curves, at the same time giving you the freedom to be fashionably flexible? Isn’t that the whole point of a workwear – to make you feel confident and cozy so you can concentrate more on your work and not in adjusting the constantly shifting hemlines? The body shape of women varies as size ranges from 26 to 36, waist and hip contours need to be considered for each size separately. Apparently, not many brands seem to think so. The intensity of the stretch too is never perfect; at times it is too loose, enough to make you trip and fall, and at times it is so tight that you cannot even sit in a posture that allows to think freely.

Now let’s talk about pockets! What's with women’s trousers and pockets? Why are we women are deprived of functional pockets - why are we still stuck with the fake pockets or pockets so shallow that the phone falls every-time one sits or moves. Seriously - let’s stop the gender politics of pockets!

Rhea, a journalist by profession states, “I come from an uber mobile environment and have to constantly move from one place to another. Also, I prefer my outfit to not be just comfortable but have multiple pockets so I can fill them with the nitty gritties that I carry. But finding a perfect pair is one hassle. If you find the size, the design is bad; if the design is perfect, the size goes for a toss.”

Not just Rhea, there are multiple other women who face the issue of size and comfort, not to forget the absence of pockets.

However, fret not as we at Ombré Lane are about to change that story. We will be providing you with that pair of pants which won’t be a hassle to your contours.


How did we go about creating the perfect work trousers for you? Here are a few things that make us a class apart where work pants of women are concerned:

  1. We provide sharp creases at the front of the pants for it to exude a perpetual sharp look.

  2.   Pockets! Yes, our pants have 4 deep pockets that can be used to carry all your essentials. There is enough room to house you and your nitty-gritties.

  3. We added deep pocket lining so that no panty lines can peek to embarrass you

  4.   Super comfortable – so much so that you can work, play and sleep in these trousers.

  5.  Transition from casual to formal is an easy task as these versatile pants serve both the purpose.

  6.   We use premium poly soft-feel viscose fabric, with 5% lycra, which provides enough room for comfortable movement.

  7.   We create our pants from fabrics that do not wrinkle easily and do not bag out due to frequent usage.

  8.   We don’t believe in following one size chart. Instead, we create customised garments for each size considering requirements for each size from 26 to 36 separately, giving you the most comfortable pair of pants, you’d have ever owned.

  9. Our trousers feature loops for your belts

  1. Available in both slim-fit and straight-fit, with both falling below the ankle.

We invited ~50 women to our office to fit test our pants. What was the response you ask? Few comments that we overheard during our fit tests: “Most comfortable pants I have ever worn”, “Can I just take them home now?”, “I am never leaving for the airport without them”, “Can’t believe how soft the fabric is”, “My phone is lost in the depth of these pockets!”,   “ See, No panty lines”

Devil is in the details, so we test all our pockets and ensure they are roomy enough to carry your small essentials and even your phone when need be. This, in the time when most brands don’t even consider pockets in women’s wear, and even if they do, the showy pockets are hardly of any use. Not on our watch. Our prime concern is delivering what we promise. And thus, spacious and comfortable pockets are a must. Also, the pockets come with a deep pocket lining so that no panty lines can peek to embarrass you.

A different wind is blowing. If you are the woman of today, you needn’t fret anymore for that perfect pair of pants that you wanted for your workplace and beyond. Your search ends with Ombré Lane.


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