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Workwear is the new topic of discussion in all communities of fashion whether it is Couture or Ready-to-Wear, everyone wants to be a part of it. The essence of our brand, we have also joined the movement in spreading the word!

Here are some of our blog collaborations, that you need to check out to stay updated on the new office wear trends:

Ombré Lane x exploreourway

Printed Cotton Blouse with Collar

Stuck between the morning rush and finding the perfect outfit of the day, the working women of India are barely able to give a thought to the type of hairstyles that shall work with their outfits. Collaborating with Explore Our Way, we shared a blog on the top 3 quick and easy hairstyles for the modern working woman.


Ombré Lane x durofy

 Georgette Ruffled Shirt with Bow

With the conclusion of 2017 fashion, we saw an emergence of workwear trends for the modern woman. Inspired from the feminist revolution, the designers presented their collections that shall redefine office wear for women across the world. We present a blog through our collaboration with Durofy, to present the top 5 workwear trends that we have incorporated in our collection for the modern working woman and her styling needs.


Ombré Lane x womennow

 Off-White Cotton Lace Shift Dress

Focusing on style and comfort, the modern Indian working woman prefers to display her feminine side in a subtle shift dress. Keeping up with the trends, we created a blog with Women Now to showcase the 3 simple ways to style a shift dress for a formal, casual and an evening wear look.


Ombré Lane x angelmstyle

 Crop Shirt with Bow Tie

Creating a concoction of formal and casual clothing for women, there are several ways to style a crop shirt that would make it fit in every scenario. In collaboration with Angel M Style, we have shared the 3 simple ways to style a crop shirt from your workwear to your evening wear needs. As one of the new workwear trends, it’s time to experiment and create your own style.


Ombré Lane x thewoomag

Yellow Bow Tie Blouse, Maroon Satin Pocket Dress

Taking a stand for the feminist revolution, the workwear fashion of 2017 has clearly defined what the modern working woman requires. Adding bold colours into their work wardrobe, it’s time to flaunt your personality through your office wear clothing, but hitting the right notes. To spread the fresh pairing options available for the women of today, The Woo Mag collaborated with us to provide this styling tip for the woman who wants to experiment!


Ombré Lane x beautifullyme

 Printed Orange Silk Shirt

Moving beyond the options of cotton and linen shirts, it’s time to introduce the more feminine fabrics that defines the working women of India in the 21st century. An opportunity for silk fabric to enter the world of the corporate women, there are various styling methods that lets it move from a formal to a casual look. Our collaboration with Beautifully Me, talks about the different means to style a silk shirt.


Ombré Lane x donaperfectlook

 White Linen Shirt

A collared shirt is one of the most acceptable form of western wear clothing that is preferred by the women of India for their workwear options. However, they face the dilemma of the ways to style them and make them appear more feminine. Providing a solution for the same, we collaborated with The Perfect Look with Dona, to assist the modern Indian woman.


Ombré Lane x twistedcoco

 Floral Boat Neck Shift Dress

Adding florals to the office wear for women in India, we collaborated with Twisted Coco to showcase the effortless ways to carry a floral shift dress from your work to your dinner plans. A combination of aesthetic functionality, a shift dress shall keep you breezy and comfortable throughout the day.


Find out the styling tip you need and if you don't find it here, tell us! We shall add on more!


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