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All About Clean Beauty - An Interview with Natasha Tuli

Creating a brand from scratch and empowering women at the same time, Natasha Tuli, co-founder of Soulflower, talks about spreading awareness on clean beauty and her leadership style:


1. What has Soulflower's journey been like for you personally?

Creating Soulflower has been about being inspired and awakened to issues like clean beauty, awareness of the environment around us and spreading the message and mission that the company was set up with across countries, cultures and people.


2. One stress buster activity that you would suggest.

Walking has always proved to be a stress buster activity for me. Having a healthy diet and working out also helps me in maintaining a balance between my work and my personal life It's important to constantly work on being fit, both physically and mentally. 


3. What is your leadership style? How do you motivate people at work and beyond?

I lead by example. I have been content writer/graphic designer/product formulator/product maker/marketing manager/fund manager/HR and you name it for Soulflower. That’s the best part of being action oriented, there is no role I haven’t played here and that gives me an edge. We have a young dynamic team and transitioning between roles have given our people an overall work experience and a confidence that they can do just anything once they put their mind to it!


4. How would you describe your personal styling?

I am a girl in love with the simple pleasures of life like pink and shimmer and who doesn’t love a bit of glamour?


5. Please share some words of wisdom with other working women. A mantra that has proved successful for you.

My mantra is ‘Do what you gotta do’. I get up everyday thinking I wish I could have an easier life....but then when I sleep at night I know I have accomplished so much! It's important to stay true to yourself and work hard for any kind of success in life.


6. What future plan do you have for Soulflower?

Clean beauty is something I am working on. Being aware of what you put on your face, what you eat and what is happening around you. Self awareness and inspiring women to be the best they can be, is what I am aiming for.



Natasha Tuli

Natasha is the co-founder of Soulflower, a personal care brand that deals in hand-made natural products and believes in spreading awareness about clean beauty. Her current focus is on building a sustainable business model & on providing the women that they employ with clean happy working environments, enabling them to achieve greater economic independence. A marathon runner, reader and a people person, Natasha is all about energy and passion.


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  • I’ve been using soulflower products for a long time and its good to see how the brand has evolved!

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