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The Art of Accessorising- Broken Down

When it comes to accessorising formal wear, you might have already heard everyone say that less is more, which is true. But here are some solid tips that will help you understand the art of accessorising in a holistic way.

1. Undertone Matching

Observe the colour of the garment you are wearing and identify whether it has a cool or warm undertone. Shades of blue, purple and light green have a cool undertone which can be enhanced by using silver metals to accessorise your outfit, whereas shades of red, orange, yellow and dark green have warm undertones that are well complemented by gold accessories.

Black, brown and white are neutral colours that can be accessorised with either gold or silver metals for an equally appealing aesthetic.

2. Complement Your Makeup

In order to look elegantly put together, your accessories and makeup should complement each other. If you decide to go with minimal or no makeup, add a splash of colour in the accessories with stones or gems. This will make you look vibrant and fresh.
If you are going for a look with medium to heavy makeup, go with accessories that have a neutral tone; something that is simple to keep the whole outfit and your appearance in balance.


3. Mixing Metals

Mixing metals can be tricky, but when done right it can elevate your look to a whole other level. The secret to mixing metals is that it has to look intentional rather than accidental. Here are a few ways to achieve that.

First, pick a base metal to use predominantly. As a general rule of thumb, you can mix your metals in the ratio of 2:1, one being the secondary metal that you can use to heighten the look of the base metal. Use the secondary colour in between the base colour. For example, while layering necklaces or bracelets, put the secondary colour in the middle of the base colour pieces to make it look like it is a part of the set.

If all of this seems like rocket science to you, a good place to start would be with a statement piece like a necklace or watch that is made with mixed metals. You can then follow the ratio that is used in that piece and add more accessories accordingly.


4. The Mood

Accessories can be tastefully used to set a mood for your outfit. The same black dress can go from an afternoon picnic to a grand gala with the right adornments. Pearls define elegance and can be great for upscale formal events. Consider carrying a small clutch or minaudiere bag instead of a large tote to such events. Save your larger bags for informal occasions. A black leather bag can be surprisingly versatile and is a good first purchase if you are on a tight budget. 

5. The Style

The style and cut of your garment play a major role in deciding what kind of jewellery to wear, so pick wisely. If the neck area of your garment already has a lot going on, like in a turtle neck or halter top, avoid wearing chunky earrings or neck pieces and go for a bracelet or watch instead.

Avoid wearing necklaces that follow the curve of your garment’s neckline. For example, when both your necklace and neckline of the garment fall in a ‘U’ shape, it may look unflattering. Instead try switching it for a necklace that falls in a V shape and notice the dramatic difference.

Watch this space for more trouble-free tips for the modern day cosmopolitan woman who constantly changes roles throughout the day! Fresh content coming your way soon..



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