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What Makes Women Feel Conscious at Work?

 While I was typing away to finish the last bits of work on a Friday evening, a colleague came up to me with a problem that she ruminated about. Vanishtha was finally wearing the formal shirt she had been lusting over for a long time, yet she didn't quite seem very ecstatic about it. Rather, she seemed more worried about her new shirt, giving a peek to wandering eyes, like all the other shirts she owned. She felt like she was being examined from all angles, her discomfort marred all the more by all the men that she had to meet, all of which occupied her headspace instead of the compliments that came her way that day.


 Another scenario; Samara, my roommate, came flustered from work one day. Reason? The bra she touted a fashion victory turned a wardrobe disaster when it peeked through her sleeveless dress.


 These two instances got me thinking; what is it that makes a woman uncomfortable at work? Most importantly, what can be done to reduce that sentiment and make them more at ease so they can concentrate more on their work and not on their panty lines, peeking bras and loose necklines? Escaping to the washroom to fix your shirt when you should be concentrating on the next big presentation doesn’t exactly contribute to the productive peaks you are planning to tap into in your life.


Think about it, what is it that makes women conscious at work, what is it that makes us, as the other half of the population, not be at ease at a place where the next gender struts like they own it? Yes, the stares of men at the exposed, ill-fitting parts of your clothing is one aspect of it, along with the fact that the percentage of women at work is still a glaring 80 % lower than that of men, especially in India. Women today must not have to agonize over their outfits or look to keep up with the quintessential men’s office uniform of a “suit and tie”. For women, true freedom does not stem from being able to wear whatever they want to work; it’s about being able to talk and think about something other than their clothes - especially at the office.


Why? Feminism has made the urban facet aware of the fact, how we as women have stayed behind in the race of life due to the various blocks that are put in our way. While dealing with all those issues, it is hardly fair that our clothes should form a barrier between our dreams. Our clothes should facilitate our capabilities and accentuate our confidence, the same way they must wrap around our curves. And that’s exactly what we at Ombré Lane, wish to achieve with our range of professional clothes.


The world is progressing and so are you, the woman of today is delving head-fast into the competitive work environment, still dominated by Victorian morals. Do it with your head held high and your pleats in place. For lady, you have got no time to spare, and no one should be allowed to glare. Your comfort should always be over your consciousness, giving way to the glory you deserve, every step of the way. Shine on as you walk the Ombré Lane!







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