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3 Simple Steps to Get Over an Embarrassing Situation

There are certain moments in our lives when we embarrass ourselves with a ‘reply all’ email or an argument where we’ve said the wrong things at our workplaces. Focusing on the women in the organisation, they tend to ponder over such moments much longer than their male counterparts.

Get Over any Embarrassing Situation in 3 Steps!

Shying away from these moments and hiding in their offices, is a usual reaction that people have while dealing with such a situation. Taking a much healthier path, here are a few steps that you can practise instead:


1. Remain Calm - It just took place 5 seconds ago or yesterday, it’s already in the past. Instead of pondering over the situation and replaying it in your head over and over again, choose to accept the situation and remain calm. Laughing at oneself over such a situation is one of the best ways to deal with such an incident.


2. Talk about it - Instead of spending your energy on what would people think, talk about it with your colleague or the person it happened in front of. Addressing the situation makes it easier to get over it, while the other person may also relate to it. Majority of the time, it leads to sharing some embarrassing moments from both ends. This step would also help in calming down any anxiety that was generated.


3. Move on - It’s essential to move over on from the situation without making a big deal out of it. The more you shy away from your colleagues, the more friction it may develop. Don’t centralise on the event. The faster you recover back from the situation, the less memorable it becomes for everyone.



Keeping these simple steps in mind, you can move on from any embarrassing situation that took place, while laughing on the situation, makes it easier for everyone to laugh with you, than at you. Discuss the situation and let go of the moment. There are always other scenarios where your experience might help out!


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