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Top 5 Tweets of 2017 About Work

As we near the end of 2017, there's a whole bunch of 'Moments of the Year' posts that are on social media to make us laugh. And in the world of filters, snaps, stories and tweets, the possibilities are endless!

So here's presenting a list of top work related tweets that made us "laugh out loud":


Talking about Work From Home, there are certain disadvantages that we initially overlook, but always find it's way back to us! Aptly describing the stages, there are generations which can relate to this change!


Some reasons just cannot be explained or questioned. Though there are always co-workers ready to help, it's not everyone we can count on. From a hamster visiting to a text that didn't reach but says read, what's the funniest excuse that you've gotten?


There are numerous people who continue to inspire us in different ways. Some do so by being a part of a dress-alike band or a team duo that named themselves Batman and Robin. Humour finds it's way somehow!


English is a funny language. But so are the translations. Have you ever tried translating an English phrase into a Hindi one or vice-a-versa? There's a reason why direct translations may not always be the right ones, because it can be 'dafter'. 


We plan and circumstances change. Portraying an accurate description of what life shall be all about ultimately, this shall probably prove to be a New Year resolution for most of us.


With the ever-increasing love of memes that can make us laugh in the most terrible of situations, continue to share your sense of humour and perspective withe world that needs to laugh more often. 

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